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Meet Flo

Meet Flo

Hi, I am Flo – the sole Body Piercer at Outthere Body Piercing Studio. I am a trained and qualified Professional Body Piercer. There is a significant difference between someone that pierces and a professional.

I follow very specific guidelines in order to give myself this title. These guidelines are basically the same as the A.P.P (Association of professional Piercers), and include: Business license, Annual health Department report, the use of internally threaded Jewelry, functional autoclave with posted most resent spore test results and a number of other important criteria .

I have been operating a licensed business in Sechelt B.C. since 1998, and although I have learned a great deal about professional Piercing through training, classes, my peers, literature and hands on experience, I do not claim to Know everything. I do guarantee my work and jewelry because it is very important to me that each person goes out the door satisfied.

The most important aspect of Body Piercing to me is Education. Anyone planning a new Piercing must take the time to Educate themselves on the proper methods of Safe Piercing and the possible dangers involved in using a unqualified Piercer such as a drug store clerk to perform this service. Be sure to read my Aftercare Page and my article on the use of Piercing Guns for more information.